Snakervill - The God of Splash Screen

Snakervill_prod.png, sept. 2020

Hi Batocera friends,

Today I would like to put a big spotlight on one of our contributors who made his name famous 🧙

I think you all guessed who?

Harry Potter? What?! ... Come on guys 😟

What? I hear another proposal? Yes it is him! Snakervill ☠️

This guy is a real production machine! Careful work, many choices, quality and fun. There is something for every taste and for everyone ❤️

Snakervill decided to make a big surprise and we can say that it is very successful! As pictures are better than words 🧐

A pack of Splash Screens! Not 1! Not 2! But 100 Splash Screen! Here is the download link:

We would like to thank him on behalf of the entire Batocera team for everything he has been doing for us and the community for several months. He knew how to give a facelift to our start screens with his magic brush 🖌

Do not hesitate to like, subscribe and comment as much as possible on his official YouTube channel: Splash Screen Studio

-Batocera.linux Team

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  • Benjitour



  • Chris

    hello Snakervill, first of all congratulations on your work. did you create or soon create a splash screen on the theme of "GOLDORAK"? thank you and continue to treat us !!!


  • dovik

    I made a simple Batocera video splash screen:

    If 100 is not enough and someone want one more splash :-)


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