Our version 5.27 is out

Batocera 5.27.jpg, sept. 2020

Hi everyone,

Our new version is finally available! After 3 months of development we are happy to present this version 5.27 to you 🥳

What's new for this version?

add: system manufacturers bar

This time we wanted to offer you a new method to navigate on your EmulationStation interface. This is a feature that can be interpreted as a shortcut ✂️

Rather practical? You will save a lot of time ⌛

add: batocera manual
add: game manuals scrapping / rendering

Do you remember that difficult moment? To choose between keeping your boxes and manuals or throwing them away in the trash 😩 Don’t worry, we thought of you and that’s why we integrated the possibility of having all the manuals you want in one click in your Batocera.linux system!

Pretty nice? No more excuses to lose your manuals 😉

add: Batocera content downloader (with 'pacman' package manager)

The best for the end! 💪Many of you did not expect this and we did it! Indeed, as you can see below we have integrated something like a "Batocera Store"

So? It’s slamming, isn't it? You can now access our content manager to find free homebrews style games, extra effects for your bezels, what you want to use your OGST case and much more! All of this for free 💲

Here is a small excerpt from our list of changes:

add: batocera-record (on x86*) to record video of batocera from command line
add: new options for upscaling when emulators support it (PSX, Dreamcast, DS, Gamecube, Wii...)
add: multi-thread support for ScreenScraper
fix: bezels resizing for ultrawide screens
fix: RetroAchievements window (data scraping, fix for small screens)
bump: Intel Iris driver
bump: RPi3 and RPi4 kms video driver
bump: RetroArch 1.9.0 along with libretro emulators

You can find our complete changelog at this url: https://batocera.org/changelog

We hope you enjoy this new version? We do our best for you ❤️

I almost forgot, we officially support the Vulkan API 👻

Stay connected, we'll be back very soon ✌️

-Batocera.linux Team

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  • Darknior

    Excellent idea this blog page to explain what's news :D Thanks a lot


  • Deejays

    Excellent blog for news. I update my rpi4 and dont works, after de logo only see a black screen. Fail updsting 5.26 to 5.27 and a fresh installation. Any sugestion?


  • Wojtuś

    Upgrade from main menu went smooth. Did a restart and... bang! My Raspberry 3 is a powerful game station. ;-) Thank you!


  • Alvaro

    I have a problem with this upgrade with OpenBor games.

    When I press forward twice to make the character run, he doesn't run, instead he walks.

    This happens with every game (.pak file)

    Why's that?


  • niculinux

    still no c64 emulator? lookin forward to it :)


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