Our Blog is finally open!

We are open.jpg, sept. 2020

Welcome to our blog! 🎉

Here we will post everything that concerns the progress of the project as things that concern its future

So there will be information about:

  • Betas, candidate releases, stable
  • Updates to our site, forum, wiki and blog
  • Information about our partnerships and progress with them
  • New products for your favorite architectures
  • And many others

We will do our best to keep you informed of all the latest news 😀

Thank you for following us, you are the best!

-Batocera.linux Team

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  • Webandme

    Welcome !!

    I just add your RSS website in my Feedly, and the name of the RSS is "Atom 1.0" :o https://webandme.d.pr/7VE4mG


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