The Nespi4Case is officially supported

nespi4case.png, sept. 2020

Hello everyone,

As you should know your Batocera.linux system officially supports all RetroFlag brand products but recently we learned the release of a new product called the Nespi4Case! 😮

We have therefore done the necessary to make it compatible with your Batocera.linux system

Batocera.linux is officially and totally compatible with the Nespi4Case from version 5.27. If you are using version 5.26 not all features will be present but that does not detract from its charm. It is not without counting on the precious help of one of our developers named Lala (known as crcerror on GitHub) that all this is possible! 😃

He is also the author of many other fixes, features and much more! At the same time, we would like to thank him for everything he does every day for this magnificent project 🍻

To find out how to take advantage of the features of your case look here: Enjoy! Take full advantage of your case!🍾

If you do not know this case here is a video of our dear friend ETA PRIME

-Batocera.linux Team

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  • lala

    Well, calling me a developer is a bit overkill - I see myself more as someone who enjoys improving BATOCERA from time to time. Just some tinkering with some great system ...

    The development team is great and it is fun to work with these people. The diversity of their knowledge flows directly into the system and this is the guarantee for a continuous development and improvement process. I am always amazed at how innovative the approach is. For example, it is now taken for granted that a new firmware can be flashed onto a device, but I would never have thought that this is also possible with a retro system. The solution is ingenious and makes BATOCERA what it is, simple, versatile and robust in use.

    The combination of RaspberryPie + Retroflag has always worked well and yet the user has to have some technical affinity to use these components in a meaningful way. BATOCERA simplifies the whole thing a little more. That is the gain of this combination.

    Enough words, wait for the new version, it will be brilliant and offer more features again. Thanks to the whole team, those who integrate new boards, those who integrate new cores, all those who test and most importantly all those who know and appreciate BATOCERA.


  • Darknior

    Woaw, thanks @lala


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